Super excited to announce TEASER: Fast and Certifiable Point Cloud Registration

January 24, 2020

Super excited to share our new work: “TEASER: Fast and Certifiable Point Cloud Registration”



TEASER is the first algorithm of its kind in many practical and theoretical aspects.


  1. Robustness: robust against over 99% outlier correspondences
  2. Safety: Certifiably correct in the sense of global optimality 
  3. Efficiency: real-time and run in milliseconds
  4. Correspondence-free: first algorithm that can solve correspondence-free registration using all-to-all correspondences, due to unprecedented robustness


  1. Relaxation: first tight semidefinite relaxation in the presence of outliers (binary variables). Real data is not our enemy!
  2. Certification: first fast optimality certification using alternating projections to convex sets, 200 times faster than solving a large SDP
  3. Invariant measurements: first formal decoupling of scale, rotation and translation estimation
  4. Performance guarantees: first formal bounds with respect to ground truth, under mild “estimation contract”